10/01/21 – Here we go again…..

So once again the country is plunged into a National Lockdown, Thursday we received word that the GCR would once again ban volunteers on site unless carrying out essential roles.

Starting on Monday, Nick and Michael on site with paint removed from the catwalk followed by blowing down and removal of dust

This was followed by application of metal primer to all of the bare metal areas.

Next day for Nick and Michael was Wednesday and the application of Dark Grey undercoat, all of the tank, filler cap, discharge valve, running boards, buffer beams, and sole bars all painted.

Thursday afternoon was when the message reached C&W that the restrictions of the first lock down would once again be required.

Nick & Michael on site for the final time this week, the task being the application of Gloss, to the grey blank canvas.

Unfortunately that is were we must end this update, once again a vehicle in Gloss ready for signwriting. We will of cause return to our weekly profiles and features and return when we can.

One thought on “10/01/21 – Here we go again…..”

  1. Lockdown 3 is unfortunately necessary and will frustrate you all, especially because you guys are absolutely committed and do a grand job. This is exemplified by the determination to get the top coat on before having to leave the tank wagon. Hope you all remain fit and well so that eventually your great work can continue.


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