06/03/21 – Returning for Routine

As mentioned in last weeks feature we are back on site at Rothley this weekend.
Our focus for the coming weekends being the routine maintenance of our engineering fleet in support of the GCRs plans to resume passenger services.

Those who follow the GCR and Rothley C&W Facebook pages will be aware of the arrival at Rothley of our 8 Dogfish Ballast hoppers.

Nick, Ross, Dave, Jake and I on site, first task was to check the 32 axle boxes.

Also on the list of tasks was the oiling of brake rigging and the ballast door mechanisms.

All the loose/rotten foot boards were then removed.

Arears of bare metal on the step board supports were Red Oxided whilst Ross began the manufacturing of new steps.

A number of the supports were also straightened.

On to Sunday and the same team on site. Th manufacture of the 12 new step boards was completed, then they were painted in wood preserver and fitted.

We then inspected each vehicles condition. Focusing on the essentials for them to operate as intended.

The key aspect being the operation of the doors. These were tested and correct operation ensured.

Inevitably leaves and other items that had collected in the wagons was subsequently dropped on to the floor. So this of course had to be cleaned up.

This concludes the tasks required to get these vehicles fit for operation. There are a few out standing items, most notably overhaul of the powered braking systems. These remains out of use as to do them at this time would delay the vehicles return to service. They will of course be done at some point in the future as well as a repaint for each vehicle but this will be after the Railway returns to passenger use.

The Shark ballast plough was also brought up with the rake, this will be tackled by the C&W staff as it is not one of our vehicles. Another set of vehicles will be brought to Rothley for us to look at next weekend.

Vehicles receiving routine maintenance this weekend;

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