12/09/21 – Short Report

We’ve not a lot to report this weekend, there was very few of us around on Saturday and the War Weekend was in full swing. Now that the Palshocvan is finished, we took Sunday to carry out some sorting of the van train and the CCT. The latter is mooted to be going to Rothley to have some work carried out for a return to traffic for use later in the year, so we spent some time clearing all the items we’d stored in there out. Some of the vans have seen some issues with the loads that we’ve become aware of. The most obvious was the VEB, which has seen some of the racking collapse, which we’ve cleared and then thrown out. We’ve sorted some of the theatrical loads out and re-distrubted them, and put our kegs if one of the theatrical vans.

We’ll be back at it again in full force next week where we’ll be starting work on the Bogie Bolster, join us then

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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