31/10/21 – Short and Sweet

So the big news this week is the movement of SC 21202 from Rothley back home to Quorn. The movement was made as part of Nick’s line recertification and included ADE280364 after its drag box repairs.

With the “BR Blue pair” together, after the morning downpour and the sun making an appearance a chance to take a photo could not be missed.

Eddie was on-site progressing the Bogie Bolster his focus being the accessible areas of the Eastside.

The rest of the weekend agin spent on tidying and sorting, especially as the Mess Coach whist at Rothley remained in use as our mess van. So it is in a little bit of a mess. Unfortunately thats it for this update but once the all important tidy is complete and we have taken stock of materials required we can once again ramp up productivity.

One thought on “31/10/21 – Short and Sweet”

  1. Ju.st need a few more Blue Grey stock Matt for a modern image train, ETH would be good as well.


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