07/11/21 – Not so Mess Coach

A busy weekend for the team progressing with housekeeping and the interior of our Mess Coach.

The weekend started with the continuation of tidying, sorting and cleaning following the return of the SC21202 to Quorn. Having it coupled to Test Car 2 will help us greatly providing more suitable mess facilities for the team, and allowing us to do further work on the interior and displays in Test Car 2 for visitors.

With Nick, Matt, Ross, Jake, Eddie and myself on-site on Saturday we progressed well sorting out the luggage area of the coach.

We also made headway with the mess area and kitchen.

Once the luggage area had been cleared we started planning what we’re going to do with the space; but first it needs preparation for a coat of paint. We made a start cleaning and sanding down the panelling in readiness to apply a coat of light grey.

Eddie also continued with some scraping and preparation on the East side of the south-end bogie of the Bogie Bolster.

I joined Nick for a quick trip down to Rothley to take a look at the latest progress by the GCR carriage and wagon lads on our CCT, this is really coming together with bodywork almost ready for paint.

As the light faded on Saturday we were able to try out the lineside lighting on the mess coach; this will be a great help for us now the nights are drawing-in.

Nick, Matt, Ross and myself on Sunday started with more housekeeping, rubbish clear-out, kitchen cupboards emptied, cleaned and the contents washed.

Then we continued with the preparation for paint in the luggage area of the Mess-coach.

The whole area was cleaned down to get rid of the dust, and any bare wood was treated with a quick-drying primer.

We then set to work painting the luggage area walls, window frames and Guards compartment window bars in BR Grey.

Other tasks completed today were repairs to the vacuum release chords on Centre Shocvan B854782, and progress of fitting of insulation to one of our paint storage cupboards, this along with some trace-heaters will provide frost protection for paint over winter.

Matt also attended to our access gate, fitting a much needed hold-back loop.

With the light fading we had to use floodlights to get the final parts of the luggage area walls and the west side doors in Sc21202 painted.

The whole area now and looking much smarter, and almost ready for its new role as a much needed workshop area.

As the nights start drawing in, we face the challenges of packing-in our weekend tasks into less daylight hours, nevertheless still enjoying the work.

So to end, lets have a sunshine pic, 1408 at Quorn today.

Don’t forget our Pocket Stockbooks are still available, giving details and pictures of our whole fleet of vehicles’ at the GCR. See our webpage link here.

Stay safe all, and tune-in for another update next week.

Author: Dave Bower

Retired Rail Vehicle Testing Engineer and Railway Author

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