Our focus this weekend has been progressing the assembly of our temporary building that will provide a much needed covered working area for the team.

Eddie, Richard, Ross, Jake, Nick and myself were on-site on Saturday, making the most of the dry conditions we modified and attached a replacement section of roof supporting angle, before continuing fitting the roof sheets; some tell-tale weathering of the roof sheets helped us work out which ones fitted where.

We completed eight of the twenty roof sheets and one ridge capping before running out of serviceable J-bolts; more have been ordered but they won’t be here until next week.

Having come to a halt with the roof, our attentions turned to an offending lump of buried concrete that was fouling the door, Eddie successfully chipped away at this until it was clear. Richard and myself then drilled-out all the old pop-rivets from the end frames, some being more stubborn than others.

Some of the side cladding panels unfortunately had graffiti, this was cleaned as best we could before starting fitting, by the time it got dark one rear end panel and the full length of the east side were fitted in place, re-using the old j-clips. Some further securing with pop rivets will also be required.

Seeing as this weeks update is a little light on wagons, I thought a Saturday morning’s sunrise pic of a couple vans and a brake on the Quorn turntable would be good.

On Sunday with Nick, Ross and Eddie on-site work continued with the rear and west side cladding panel fitting, and some primer paint was applied to cover the remains of graffiti that could not be cleaned off.

By the end of the day all side cladding was fitted and secured, Ross and Nick also managed to salvage a few more J-bolts so four more roof sheets were fitted too.

Now, we are one-up on Monty Python’s trainspotter, Arthur Jackson, and we can quite rightly say, we have “two-sheds”. Arthur ‘2 Sheds’ Jackson

Join us again next week, all the best.

Author: Dave Bower

Retired Rail Vehicle Testing Engineer and Railway Author

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  1. Shed loads of work with potential bad weather due it will be well used.


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