Pickup after the storm

Hi all, welcome to this week’s update. Just a quick reminder, if you haven’t seen a copy yet of the March issue of Trackside Magazine, it’s well worth a read, we’re featured in a fantastic six page spread.

The blustery weekend started early for us, with Nick receiving a call on Friday advising that our temporary workshop at Quorn was affected by storm Eunice; a quick inspection in the afternoon revealed no serious damage, just a ridge plate piece that was flapping in the wind and thankfully nothing had become detached.

Saturday therefore started with Nick and myself making necessary repairs to the workshop roof, firstly erecting our scaffolding tower, then manufacturing and fitting a repair cap plate and adding a few extra rivets to ensure the end of the ridge piece can’t flap in the wind again.

Just as we were finishing the roof repairs the heavy rain set-in again, so our plans to start fitting the prepared van side sheets had to be postponed, we retreated to the mess coach with a cuppa to decide what to do next.

Thankfully the rain eased and after an early lunch with Matts’ help we made a start replacing the load bed floor of the old GCR pickup truck, the ownership of which has recently transferred to our group. The floor was decidedly rotten, not really surprising as it has been languishing out of use at Rothley for over two years.

After the floor had been removed and the framework channels cleaned out we measured up, cut and fitted some second-hand but solid ply floor sheets from our stock.

With the load bed repaired this truck will be extremely useful for us for moving things around and providing a large and stable working platform.

Matt has been asked whether he could help with some information and images about Collico containers for an upcoming article for the Great Western Trust; therefore his collection was suitably posed in the yard in between the showers.

Unusually we have to wrap-up the update early this weekend as we all have other priorities on Sunday.

Look forward to cracking on with the van side and door fitting soon, weather permitting; so until next week, all the best.

Author: Dave Bower

Retired Rail Vehicle Testing Engineer and Railway Author

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