13/03/22 – More side sheets

Hello everyone! After the excitemnt of fitting the new doors to B763305 last week, we’ve started looking at the other vans to see which of those need new sheets. B777171 and B780282 have both been selected to have two panels each to be changed, both panels also being adjacent to each other.

Dave kicked off by continuing the signwriting on B854782, it being the only van that didn’t get signwritten last week. There is quite a lot on this van, with us having gone with the Later style BR-era livery when this vehiicle was painted.

Nick and I, assited by Eireni, checked the measurements for the panels we are about to change. Over the years we’ve got quite a few measurments jotted down for the van body panels, but like the age old expression goes measure twice, cut once! B784409 has also been selected to have another side sheet changed, but for this we had to dismantle it’s internal racking. This will initially be stored, but then redeployed.

With four sheets of ply retrieved from storage, we set to work cutting them to suit the aperture. Once cut, Dave sanded the sheets then Nick and I treated them to a coat of wood primer, coating the front faces and the edges.

I, unfortuantely, couldn’t be onsite Sunday but Nick continued on the side sheets by painting them into undercoat. Nick also straighten out some of the racking dismantled yesterday. Dave washed and polished Madge, ready for Railways at Work. Matt was also onsite and sorted some of the prop items for the gala. Nick and Dave also removed a piece of the Plate that was dangling off. This will be re-attached when we get round to doing this wagon.

Next weekend is our Railways at Work gala, come and see us and the railway come to life with a pick up goods and a Mixed freight. We’ll be re-enacting and Madge will be on static display.

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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  1. As usual, an extremely informative account of the workings of the group.


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