27/03/22 – The Sun shines, so the paint flows

So after the excitement of last weekend, and with glorious sunshine, during the week the opportunity was taken to progress an item of rolling stock that has been waiting for better weather. I am of course referring to the Bogie Bolster.

Wednesday I popped in and after a quick sweep down, I started with the Metal Primer.

First applying it to the bolsters

Then on to the West and South end

Thursday and joined by Richard we continued what I started the day previous
Richard applying undercoat to the East and North Sides

I did exactly the same as I did Wednesday but applied undercoat to the Bolsters and the West and South sides.

Richard also following the primer with undercoat.

This completed the midweek work with the above frame areas now all in undercoat ready for gloss

To Saturday with Nick, Richard, and I on-site, along with some gloss. The same procedure as the rest of the week, Bolsters for me and body side for Richard.

Nick also started lifting planks to begin looking at and tidying the frame tops.

The lower half of the bolster stanchions were also primed, undercoated, and glossed.

On to Sunday. Nick, Ross, Richard, and I are on site. First job continuation of the floor removal.

Nick and Ross scraped and vacuumed the frame top.

Richard followed with primer.

I also followed with primer although started on the upper stanchions first.

Following up the primer, a layer of undercoat.

Unfortunately, despite the clocks moving forward by an hour we ran out of light. All the upper frame structure primed and 2/3rd in undercoat.

That concludes this update and as always we shall bring you more next week.

One thought on “27/03/22 – The Sun shines, so the paint flows”

  1. Fantastic effort to do so much in so short a time (pun not intended) … it will look fantastic when completed.


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