10/04/22 – Bolsters, Bauxite and Bodywork

Evening everyone and welcome to another QW&W update. This weekend we’ve had most of the gang around for the weekend, so have been able to do a fair amount of work progressing several projects.

Dave and Richard continued work on the Bogie Bolster, painting the interior of the sides and ends which have been sat in undercoat all week. Dave also did an extra coat of gloss on the exterior of the sides and got the stanchions.

Nick and I made a start on removing the rotten side sheets from B777171. As with the last tranche of side sheets we’ve replaced, these have been ready for some time sat in gloss. Removal was a mixture of impact gun, and angle grinding, with the side sheets eventually free around mid morning. The frames were scraped and painted by lunch time, after which the side new side sheets went in with only a minor modification needed.

Matt continued the prep work on “Jerry“, which I assisted with once the side sheets were fitted to B777171. Jake also helped degreasing Jerry when he popped in.

The first task for Nick and I on Sunday was to cut the next and last 2 van sides we are replacing this time around. This is another panel on B784409 and a panel on B786348. These were cut, and then Nick painted them with wood primer. I moved onto applying some bitumen paint to the Bogie Bolster so that we can start getting the floor down again. Dave and Richard continued their work on the Bogie Bolster; scraping, wirebrushing and painting areas of the underframe.

Unfortunately, removing of the sealant applied while fitting the side sheets yesterday caused more damage than we’d have liked, so Dave re-coated the panels and then the frames of the van.

Matt continued with the prep of Jerry; sanding the roof, applying some filler and rust remedy. After all this Michelle and I assisted Matt in wiping Jerry over with panel wipe in ‘the garage’, ready for an exciting week ahead!

Matt and I have both had some leave from work, so will be on-site working on numerous projects throughout the week, the rest of the team will be back at the weekend. Join us then for a bumper update!

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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  1. Is there no end to your talents, looking forward to seeing Jerry in livery?


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