02/05/22 – Spring Diesel gala & Mixed Traffic event.

Its time for the first public opening of Test Car 2 in 2022.

Once again the wife and I are using the Mess coach to its full potential. Staying on site for this bank holiday weekend. First task on arrival Thursday evening, setting up barriers and signage.

On to Friday with Dave and I opening the doors.

Jerry also made his public debut loaded with test equipment for the Test Car.

For Dave and I that was our weekend, assisted by Nick, Ross and Richard various times throughout the weekend. Saturday was completed with a chippy as the trains ran in to the night.

Eireni and Michelle manned our new sales stand, all proceeds going back into the wagons, many thanks to those who purchased, visited and supported us.

On the wagon front, Nick completed the underframe paint of the Bogie Bolster and refitted the remaining floor planks on Saturday. Final task is to paint the bogies, the request has been sent to the Ops department who hopefully will be moving it out of the dock to allow completion of the vehicle.

Sunday, Nick and Ross replaced the final side sheet requiring replacement this year, this being on the west side of B786348.

On to Monday and the Mixed traffic event with the mixed freight in operation.

After many failed attempts to pin down the colour for the Brutes, I decided to turn chemist and mix our own, using up some of the left over enamel paint from previous projects.

More than happy with the colour match.

The brake handle was also painted yellow towards the end of the day.

There has been so many images/videos from the event but the following from Jason Cross gives a flavour of the event. including some dodgy wagon fitters at the end.

We shall once again be opening the Test Car next Saturday for the bus rally, with Jerry on site the sales stand open, please come and say hello.

As always more next weekend.

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