08/05/22 – May Bus Rally

Hello all and welcome to this week’s update. Its a rare weekend without Nick, so let’s see what we’ve got up to.

Saturday saw the bus rally take place at Quorn, and we were asked to open the Test Car as an attraction. Jerry went and met a few of the buses, including Beatrice and Billie. Dave, Matt and Richard held the fort for the day, and by all accounts it was quite busy. Thank you to all those who came to view Test Car 2 and donated, every bit goes back into the wagons and the coaches. Matt also had the sales stand out for its second airing, so thanks to those who purchased items from us.

Sunday just had Matt, Eireni and I on site. Our first job was to pick Matt up from Rothley. Jamie has very kindly finished Jerry off with a polish and detail. You are in for a treat, but I’ll be saving the pictures for later.

Once back at Quorn, our first task was to find and then sink some suitable posts to be used for a special project, more on that in coming weeks. Between the two of us, plus some assistance from Jake, we got the posts sunk in the ground and Matt got them cleaned and painted.

At this point, I made a start on painting the bogies on the Bogie Bolster. I had hoped to do both sides of both bogies, but it was unable to be shunted out. I concentrated on the West side bogies, these being accessible. I did one coat over the bogie frame and then left it while we had tea and did a second coat. This leaves the east side to do when the wagon is out of the Dock.

Matt tidied up the yard after opening the Test Car, then painted a last few details on the one painted BRUTE. These details being the chalkboard panel, its new assigned number and the serial number plate.

Once complete, we got the call from Jamie to come and pick Jerry up from Rothley. In this case pictures speak 1000 words:

Thank you Jamie, Jerry has really come up a treat! That about wraps up this week. I’m not sure what the plan is next week, but I’m sure that someone will write about it!

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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