19/06/22 – Rail Oddities

We begin this update on Friday. Having packed last week all was set for our Welsh road trip to the Gwili Railway. Totalling 508 miles from Lincoln to Bronwydd Arms station via Quorn, Jerry preformed faultlessly.

Our thanks goes to Phil Budd for inviting us to the event and we extend that thanks to all the volunteers both resident at the Gwili and who brought there own Oddities for making us feel welcome.

Between manning our own display Ross and I managed to man a Loco. Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns Ltd No. 7849 Moorbarrow, to be honest it was a footplate ride.

With a ride on some of the other oddities, namely the Wickham trolley from the Somerset & Dorset Railway and the Pump trolley from the Great Western Society at Didcot.

We also met Lawrie from Lawrie’s Mechanical Marvels, with a possible joint venture in the future, Jerry becoming a supporter of Lawrie’s work.

A ”Quick” drive back to Quorn which was followed by Sunday taken up by emptying Jerry, cleaning and drying our kit, interspersed with the raising of our new flag pole, fitting a temporary exhaust to the Volvo as well as looking at a few electrical and cosmetic issues.

Basically a rest, lets see what next week brings.

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  1. You guys continue to turn out some fantastic restorations , please continue with more.
    MHR Wagon Group Medstead.


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