10/07/22 – Another 2 with a 3rd progressed.

With 763305 and 786348 prepared and undercoated last week, a visit from the wagon fairies sees them undercoated on Tuesday and glossed on Thursday.

This brings us ahead for the weekend, with Nick, Dave, Jake and I on site.

Form me and Dave it was out with the mahl sticks and brushes. 763305 for me and 786348 for Dave.

Slightly modified branding for 348 in memory of Nick’s father.

777728 is the next van in the train and the usual activity.




Once I had completed my signwriting I moved on to the recent arrival,




Top coat.

We were also blessed with a visit from Jamie, who assisted Nick with his new purchase.

As well as our own mini classic car meet.

I continued in to the evening applying 3 coats of yellow to the tug which I reassembled Sunday.

Nick joining me early also to apply undercoat to 777728 before the heat set in.

For me detailing the tug. Wasp stripes and double arrows.

Ross turned his attention to Danny.


Then top coat.

A few more coats, then I wonder what details we shall be applying? As the afternoon came to a close we took the tug for a visit to the station, with a few ideas for Railways at Work 2023 beginning to circulate.

With 2 completed vans and a tug for this week, Join us next weekend to find out what we were able to achieved.

One thought on “10/07/22 – Another 2 with a 3rd progressed.”

  1. I used to work at Luton Airport and we had a similar three wheeled battery tug to yours, maybe a little more modern, but it fulfilled a similar job. Good fun for a speedy aimless drive about!
    I can’t imagine in BR service they stayed quite that factory fresh looking for long though 😂

    Great work as ever, the W&W vehicle fleet is starting to look very smart indeed.
    Looking forward to next week’s update already.


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