24/07/22 – Meet Hector !

Welcome to this week’s update from Quorn; and welcome to Steve who joined Nick, Ross, Matt, Richard and myself over the weekend.

We start by reporting some progress along with the Carriage & Wagon team at Rothley during the week, with a new livery and identity being given to a Mineral wagon which is currently out of use due to structural issues. It is being cosmetically restored to compliment the Class 10’s new livery which will be revealed by GCR (C&W Rothley) in due course.

B765272 which had been progressed last weekend, received undercoat and Gloss from the wagon fairies to its west side during the week.

On Saturday Nick and Steve made a start on the east side of the van, erecting the scaffolding then re-bolting the north end panels.

Next the replacement doors were finished off and fitted to the east side. These had been started by the previous owner and came with the van when it was transferred to us last year.

Matt and Dave got their signwriting brushes out to put the finishing touches to the corporate branding and identity onto Danny. Matt did the number plate.

Whilst Dave applied the ‘British Rail’ legend and Danny’s name.

After last week’s clutch failure on Danny, Ross made a start removing the stubborn flexible drive coupling so that the gearbox could be taken out to get to the clutch.

With the gearbox out it became very clear what the problem was, the clutch release bearing and operating fork had disintegrated into many pieces. New parts will have to be ordered including a new clutch assembly. Dave then took the opportunity to clean up the gearbox whilst it was out ready for a lick of paint.

Matt and Dave took a trip to Rothley in Jerry to apply a couple more items of signwriting to the Mineral Wagon. Matt painted the STOVE lettering whilst Dave attended to the north end NCB legend.

Matt also found time in between other jobs to apply a grey panel to Nicks’ box storage trailer, followed by marking out ready for the next stage; all will be revealed next week!

Sunday saw further progress with the east side doors on van B765272, the door locking bar & respective P-brackets were fitted, and the doors adjusted slightly to close neatly. Any bare wood was then treated.

Underframe and headstock scraping was also progressed in readiness for painting.

The protection plates were then fitted to the lower corners of the doors and undercoated. This side of the van is now ready for a repaint at some point.

Whilst Dave, Ross, Steve and Richard progressed the van, Nick and Matt made a trip up the motorway to a farm in Tupton near Chesterfield to collect our new acquisition, Hector; with thanks once again to Kenway Construction for the loan of the truck.

So lets meet Hector, he’s a 1988 built Lansing battery powered 3-wheel tug, F729CUA.

He was unloaded along with battery pack & charger with the help of the Volvo and our Brush Tractor and trailer.

We didn’t waste much time in getting to know Hector, firstly putting some air in the tyres, the tipping him up to remove the quantities of farm related muck and foliage that he’d acquired in his time at the farm.

We then tried giving him a tug with the Brush Tractor to try and free off the seized brakes.

Unfortunately this didn’t work so Hector was tipped up again to remove the wheels so the drums could be attended to.

With Hector back on his wheels and movable it was time for his first spin around the yard, although he needed a little help from our Brush tractor because his power equipment and batteries need some attention.

Thanks for reading, join us next week to see what we have in store next for Hector.

Author: Dave Bower

Retired Rail Vehicle Testing Engineer and Railway Author

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