31/07/22 – 100

We start this update with the announcement that we have reached 100 rail vehicles. Number 100 has been on the railway for a number of years and was transferred to us earlier this year. Currently carrying the number 771908 the vehicle is in fact 781908, a 1960 Wolverton build diagram 1/211 Palvan from lot 3310.

On to the update, it has been another busy one for us, with Dave carrying out some midweek work, applying primer and undercoat to B765272’s east side. Followed by a touch of gloss the day after.

Dave and I popped to Rothley to complete the east side of our little Mineral Project. Our thanks not only to C&W for asking us to do something unusual but to the Windcutter Group for giving permission to do that unusual thing to one of their vehicles.

Not content with signwriting one vehicle we headed to Quorn and the west side of 765272. Dave applying the left hand details whilst I applied the right and XP square.

So why this hybrid scheme I hear you say. Well quite simply thats what was applied to the vehicle. Looking through Paul Bartlett’s excellent site we come across the following image of the vehicle in 1979, removing the metric and condemned markings results in the steam era appropriate scheme above.

Next task on the list, application of underframe black, yes you guessed it, to the underframe. Jake and Dave doing the honours, between spots of rain.

I also applied matt black to the west side data panel in preparation for dates to be applied.

I then completed Dannys repaint. Rear axle, steering arms, inner chassis and some detailing, including the inside of the front wheels.

That was until the curse of the Green paint came back to haunt us. After completion of work mentioned below the new replacement tin, for the one that got thrown over me a few weeks ago, was squashed into the ground. We shall no longer be attempting to paint anything in that shade of green again.

So what squashed the paint?
I am pleased to say Hector did.

Ross spending the day looking at the original batteries, this confirms 3 dead cells as advised by the previous owner. Whilst we look at replacements for these, Ross jury rigged a temporary solution to begin bringing Hector to life.

With 51 volts available nothing seemed to be working until the key is physically held in the on position. This allows you to motor the vehicle.

What is missing however is the 12v supplies and the ability for the key to latch. This has been found to be a faulty inverter, which takes the incoming supply and drops it to 12v, a new and a spare have been ordered.

But that did not stop us having a little bit of fun.

We took Hector to the station after getting the handbrake to work on the left hand wheel, this is temporary until we look into the Hydraulic brakes in more depth.

Next task was to sand down the ends of 765272, New volunteer Steve having the honours with air supplied from the test car.

I applied the details to the data panel and painted the brake cylinder.

Whilst Dave started the sole bar signwriting.

After Steve had worked his magic, I followed up with primer on the bare areas. This included etch primer for the south end vent, which we took back to bare metal due to the paint condition.

It was then on to glossing the ends. the majority of the gloss and undercoat was intact and with the surfaced keyed Steve went for it.

Dave and I began the east side signwriting. Same order as the west side.

This was followed up by a re-coat of the head stocks. Painting the north swan neck and refitting the Instanter couplings.

There was also time to fit a notice to the other tug, this is a replica of those applied to BR platform tugs and was kindly sent to us. Thank you Andy.

Only a few finishing touches to apply next week. We will let you know if we are able to manage them.

One thought on “31/07/22 – 100”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Congratulations on your wagon century and for the additional items e,g yellow vans, dumper etc. and the green paint tin killer Hector.

    Cheers, Peter BB


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