Can you help?

We are seeking help with two major items required to progress two stalled projects.

We are keen to hear from anyone who may have a pair of BR Standard 20T Brake van axles with wheels.  This is due to irreparable damage sustained to B954268‘s current wheelset.  We would like to return this brake van to service as this is the first vehicle bough by Nick in 1984 and fear despite its recent restoration it is destined to be stabled for the rest of its existence.

We would like standard brake van 956mm / 3’ 1 63/64″ monoblock wheels with 111mm / 4 3/8″ diameter Rolling bearings. We would be happy to negotiate over a full chassis if available.

We are also seeking a Railway Clearing House Standard 3048mm / 10ft wheelbase chassis. 5334mm / 17′ 6″ over the headstocks.  Preferably Clasp braked.  This is to give new life to a possible number of Grounded Boxvan bodies

If you are able to help, please feel free to contact us via our contact or facebook pages.
Thank you.