19/05/19 – Chassis and Essays

As we reach the final stages for both the Shochood and the Medfit I took the opportunity in the week to tidy up and finish the shock stripes.  In our haste to apply them last weekend, we applied the west side in the wrong position.  This was no big problem and very quickly remedied.  The stripes were widened and the excess then painted bauxite.  Any tape bleed was also tidied and a Circuit marker circle applied.


As the weather was forecasted to be poor on Friday a small team of Nick, Jack and I re-sheeted the vehicle on Thursday and fitted the securing chains. 

On to the weekend. I was crewing the Class 37 on passenger duties whilst Jake and Nick continued to scrape down the two vehicles.  Bitumastic paint was also applied to the sole bar and headstocks of the Shochood. As well as a new label clip and block.

After my duties on the 37 were complete I began on the essay that is the Shochoods lettering.20190518_170636

The west side was completed sometime after the sun had set.60382576_324543074884281_3449779313388290048_n.jpg

On to Sunday and more of the same for me.  The East side of the Shochood and both sides of the Medfit.


Nick and Ross worked on the chassis of both vehicles.  Completing the scrape down and spraying the rest of the underframe.  Nick followed Ross with a brush touching in those areas missed by the spray.


I continued with the Signwriting as Nick and Ross looked at the finer details.  Swan necks, axle end covers and any other areas that required touching up.


With the bulk of the body side lettering done I moved on to the sole bar details.  Repair plates, vacuum stats and brake change over levers.


We are tentatively close to the completion of these two vehicles.  A few last signwriting and paint items as well as a floor for the Medfit, with a 3 day weekend thrown into the mix all is looking good for them to re-join the fleet very soon.


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  1. Look superb, well done! Think you’ll need to stage a wagon exhibition in Quorn yard – it’s creating an extra reason to visit GCR!!👍👍


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