08/03/20 – Tar and Bitumen

This update begins on Friday, with Dave and I visiting the Mountsorrel Railway to complete their tar tank in preparation for Goods Galore. The west side was chalked up, lettering outlined and then filled.  The tank end numbers were also added completing the vehicle.


Saturday back at Quorn and the “plan” was to undercoat the LNER highs, Vacuum and Air as well as Tippler.  Unfortunately, they were not ready for paint, prep was completed and bare metal spot primed.

With the reasonable weather, confidence was high until the compressor on the test car decided it didn’t want to work.  A compressor motor fault, whilst Ross diagnosed the fault Jack, and I with the help of Andrew Devine from the station prepped the Scammell flat for paint.

During the prep the original identification number was discovered 086256 02 and the main C section was red oxided

On to Sunday and the forecast not looking too good. Ross and I joined by Eireni applied bitumastic paint to the chassis, wheels, and coupling of the Scammell trailer.

I took a risk and decided to undercoat the main C sections of the trailer and luckily it paid off as it had dried sufficiently before the rain came down.  The mudguards were also removed to allow painting and in preparation for cleaning next weekend.

The tailboard also received undercoat.20200307_124542

Nick and Eddie applied Bitumastic paint inside of the air-braked high and the vacuum-high was prepared and one side treated the same.

That completes this weekend’s update, and we continue to await better weather to progress the rail wagons.

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