22/03/20 – Patience pays off

With the current situation facing the world, and with the Test Car quite restrictive in the space, we decided to limit the numbers of the group on-site. Four is our decided maximum with all having to be key holders. We also limited one person per vehicle and they were separated to allow the minimum 2m social distance. The GCR was unfortunately closed and we shared the yard with a small number of the S&T department working around the box.

Every time we entered the vehicle it was disinfected, focussing on the high touch areas such as tabletops and doors.

With the good weather and the 3 wagons that have been waiting for over 10 months, out came the paint,  with the Air braked High, Vacuum High and Iron Ore Tippler each receiving Gloss applied by Ross and Jake.

I also applied Gloss to the Scarab flat trailer, namely BS381C 540 or more commonly know as BR Crimson

The rest of the team also painted the headstocks with bitumastic paint

I applied gloss black to the back of the trailer headboard and fixed the round plate to the rear of the trailer and began signwriting, first the 20mph limit. Then chalking up the rest.

As the light faded, one side and part of the head end was complete.

Returning on Sunday and the restrictions remaining in force Jake sprayed the underframes in Bitumin. Nick followed up with a brush reaching the areas missed by the gun.

I completed the Signwriting on the trailer and a few other areas were touched up thus completing the aesthetic overhaul. There are a few mechanical areas still requiring attention, namely the hand brake.

With work continuing on the underframes of the 3 wagons. I moved on to the Tippler applying the templates and chalking up. We also took the opportunity to recreate an image that was an inspiration to me when  I started signwriting.20200322_12182990483522_593832817882970_3781537087140921344_n

So at the end of the weekend, we have the large majority of the Iron Ore tippler complete, just a few remaining details, and the two highs in Bauxite and underframes complete.

We continue to keep our ear to the ground regards the pandemic and we shall see what happens next weekend.

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  1. Good evening guys, just so sorry that Harry n I can’t be with you this weekend. It has to be said what a wonderful job you’ve done on those three wagons. Hope to e able to be back with you all very soon doin up all those wonder full wagons. Keep safe kindest regards Eddie!


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