21/03/21 – Short & Sweet

A small update for this weekend, 5 vehicles dropped off at Rothley for us to attend to this being our 3 Rudds as well as 2 of our Grampus wagons.

With essential maintenance being the order of the day, Axle box exams, brake rigging oil and a general inspection.

The GCR have requested the air system of the Rudds be recommissioned. We are aware of pipe work missing from 2 of the vehicles and all other components were brought up to standard apart from the missing pipes this will be attented to by the GCRs C&W team in the week.

We are looking forward to a return to normal, expected date for this being the 12th April, we are keen to progress other projects and return to our pre lockdown productivity. Although vital there isn’t too much you can say about routine maintenance.

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