16/05/21 – Vans on the move and Roof progress

Once again Jack and I popped into Quorn Friday afternoon to progress labelling the “bulk Load”. We now stand at 130 boxes in the van, with our thanks to Eddie who continues to collect and assemble the boxes.

On to Saturday and initially a split group. Nick, Ross and Jake blowing down the roof of the no longer Yellow Coach and applying primer to the roof furniture.

Dave and I started at Quorn acting as travelling fitters for the Goods Guard refresher runs to establish repairs carried out to the Medfit were successful, the Containers were secure, giving a look over of the set to ensure no running problems and generally on hand to react to any issues, certainly as the set has been stationary for a substantial amount of time. It was also the first time the Containers have ran together and the first outing for B786181.

With no issues we left the vans in the hands of the Traincrew and made our way to Rothley for the roof prime.

With the roof complete we moved over to the ferry tank, removing the rusted bolts from the catwalk and securing the handwheel to the brake standard.

Dave also helped the C&W team by applying further signwriting to the Kitchen Car for the dining rake. Whilst Nick applied sealant to choice areas.

On to Sunday with the roof painting continuing, this time undercoat and once again starting with the furniture first.

This was quickly followed by the rest of the roof. This will now be left to harden over the week with gloss on next weekend’s agenda.

With the roof complete Nicks attention turned to trimming the window mastic and sealing the windows.

Ross fitting the new door lock.

And for me scrapping and priming the sole bar light boxes.

We are slowly making progress and the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is starting to come into view. As always join us next week and we will endeavour to keep you informed.

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  1. Thought you might be interested in the story of a similar vehicle that did not escape the scrap man’s torch.

    Alan Mark Drewett May 17 at 7:02 PM  ·  Gloucester Horton Road depot’s M&EE Mobile Stores & Workshop Coach ADB 977172. Many redundant Mk1 BSK (Brake Second Corridor) vehicles were taken into departmental use as they were fitted with a hand brake, had workshop space in the parcels van area with its reinforced floor and provided staff seating and a toilet. Mk1 BSK 35095 was in fact from Lot 30233 built by Gloucester RC&W Co. in 1956-57. On withdrawal from revenue earning passenger service in February 1983 it was the last in lot 30233 to remain steam heat only, having never been converted to dual heat. Also for some reason it gained B4 bogies before leaving passenger service, allowing it to run at 100mph as opposed to 90mph like most of its type. The M&EE Mechanical & Electric Engineers department snapped it up and it moved to Bristol Marsh Junction in August 1983 for conversion emerging renumbered as ADB 977172. It was allocated to Gloucester New Yard for use in the area by the (AM&EE) Area Mechanical & Electric Engineers, ODM (Out Door Machinery) & C&W (Carriage & Wagon) departments. When its department service ended it was sold to Bird’s Ltd at Long Marston for scrap in September 1994 but never made the journey from Gloucester New Yard. Instead it was cut up on site by Sims Metals (Bird’s) in June 1996. >


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