08/09/19 – Test Car on display

Here we are, Diesel Gala and Test Car 2 is on display for the public. Dave and I were in attendance for all 3 days with Nick and Jake poping in between TPO duties.


We are humbled by the number of people who came to see us,  especially those of you that regularly read this website. Thank you all for your generous donations and finally thank you to those former BR and Serco staff that came to see your Test Car.
Specifically, Paul Mosley, Ray Smith, Chris O’Donnell and Dave Moore.


A few more images from over the gala:


Back on to wagons next weekend, something a little flatter we feel.

One thought on “08/09/19 – Test Car on display”

  1. Hi Guys,

    I was unable to get down this weekend. I watch your regular reports with great interest. Test Car 2 is a triumph!

    Well done! The non-passenger stock at the GCR must be the best in the country, all due to you guys, RVP and Windcutters. I’m sure that all other Heritage Railways are envious if they are honest.


    Ian Wilson
    Volunteer Support Team
    Great Central Railway


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