29/09/19 – Steel, Wood, and Fibreglass

Work continues with the Containers and their “chariots”. The main focus being BD 4303 B. My task, looking at the substantial damage over the end doors. The outer layer of Fibreglass has cracked and split from the inner layer.

The rain strip was removed, and the inner and outer layers clamped together.20190928_121325.jpg

I then removed the Gelcoat and exposed the original fiberglass over the area of the crack and between each clamp in preparation for applying a new layer of fiberglass.

Of course, the weather once again didn’t play ball and work was occasionally stopped with a mad dash to keep things covered.

Whilst I was on the container, Nick and Jake continued with B505313 spot replacing rotten floor planks.  You may also notice 2 short lengths of flat-bottom rail, Our thanks go to the GCR P-way team for cutting these defected rails for us,  These will form the subframe of  BD 4303 B.

I applied 2 layers of Fibreglass, over the crack and to bond the outer and inner layers together.

Between fiberglass layers, I also applied more fiberglass filler to last weekend repairs.

Sunday saw the full team in action.  I removed the G-Clamps from the container, closed the doors and everything lined up as it should.20190928_170743

Unfortunately once again the weather was not in our favor.  Nick and I took a trip to Swithland to look over the vans ready for next week’s running.  At the moment they are at 15 vans and 2 brakes we are hoping that the fishvan joins them taking the rake to its current full strength.  The first time it has ran as such, fingers crossed.20190929_141432.jpg

Whilst we were away, Ross, Jake, and Dave began preparing the sudo subframe for BD 4303 B.  Borrowing the mag drill from Carriage & Wagon they began the time-consuming task of drilling into the defected rail. The rail is not suitable to run trains on and is ideal as a stand-in subframe.

Once back at Quorn I looked at manufacturing filler pieces for the side straps of both containers, this is the area that connects the lifting frame to the subframe and both containers originals show signs of wastage. I measured, cut and primed the back of 8 pairs of filler pieces.

With the weather remaining persistent we finished with an hour or 2 tidying the tool van.  Next weekend is the GCR autumn gala, TPO duties for us.20190929_130546.jpg



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