22/12/19 – Doors & Windows

This update begins with news of our latest arrival, those who view our facebook site will already be aware, this one, however, has rubber tires, not steel. Dave, Jack and I had the opportunity to purchase a 1953 Scammell Scarab,  an opportunity we thought could not be missed. The intention is for her to complement our wagon fleet as well as for gala and photocharter cameos.

So on to the weekend,  with the heavy rain and the van train essentially sitting in a lake we moved to Rothley to work on ADB977107.  Ross’s attention was on the rebuilding of the kitchen,  cleaning the walls and fitting the oven and fridge as well as reassembling the counter.

Jake and Nick continued with window removals, removing three more on the East side.

My focus was on the East side first-class door, this was removed as part of the living van conversion and we are reinstating it.  The outer skin was removed followed by the internal ply. The ply was then trimmed and refitted.

To finish Saturday, we cut a hole in the Guards compartment wall to allow access to the power distribution cupboard.  As part of the conversion, the compartment was removed but was refitted a number of years ago when the Irish boiler vans that once frequented Quorn yard were scrapped.

On to Sunday, I continued with my hole in the wall. Making a door fitting trim pieces and fitting pie warmer and steam heat mounting plates. This took me most of the day.

Jake having previously applied bitumen to the bottom of the window frame refitted the window opposite the kitchen,  assisted by Nick.

Ross rebuilt and strengthened the Guards Desk. Which was fitted.

Harry and Eddie were also present and did an excellent job of cleaning the kitchen.20191222_190033

Finally, an image of the double doors refitted by the C&W team.  Although there is still a little fettling to compete.


Of cause, Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for following us. We will have an update before the new year and will take a look over the year we have had.

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