29/12/19 – It’s Christmas

So with the Christmas period upon us, it’s no excuse to hold back. Monday, Nick and I in attendance. Nick applied sealant to the Midland and Southern Brake vans this completes the Overhaul of the van trains brake system and we await a full brake test of the rake, later in this update.

I began the final tasks on Container BD4303B filling holes with foam. and applying a layer of fiberglass to each. Nick applying heat to cure each once the resin was applied.

To complete Monday’s activities I manufactured sand red oxided the missing fork protectors that sit under each of the side doors.


Tuesday or as most seem to know it as Christmas Eve. Nick and I again, continuing with Nicks Container. Filler applied to the fiberglassed areas.

Nick applied heat to reduce the cure time and allowed me to sand the areas.

Once sanded fiberglass primer was applied followed by undercoat again heat applied to assist the drying of the paint.

Once the paint was sufficiently dried we riveted the fork protectors under the side doors and applied undercoat.

Finally for Tuesday an unusual perspective from inside the container.20191224_124427.jpg

Wednesday was of cause set aside for other duties with no one on-site. Back to normal on Thursday as we made up a few spare vacuum hoses in preparation for a brake test of the van train on Friday.  But the weather didn’t play ball so the rest of the day was spent Signwriting “Madge” the Scarab.  No images yet we are building the suspense.

On to Friday and we begin at Rothley, assisting Jamie from the C&W staff welding up the south end of ADB977107

Friday’s main task was the scheduled brake test of the van train. 15 Bauxite Vans, 1 Conflat, 1 Fish van, and 2 Brake vans. Our motive power was once again provided by the Heavy Tractor Group’s 37714. The test was a success, with 19.5 – 20 inHg shown on the 19th vehicle.

Harry and Eddie were also in attendance and made an excellent job finishing the clean of the Yellow Coaches kitchen as well as the office.20191227_130306.jpg

Saturday and the full gang in attendance,  first job with a favorable temperature was to apply the final topcoat of crimson to the previously repaired areas and folk protectors on BD4303B.

Once we completed the container we did a few items on QW6128E namely painting the engine and wheel hubs. We then moved up the line to Rothley.

My first job was to secure the table in the office. The previous image above it is just perched on the cabinet.  The cabinet was secured to the window frame and two locating blocks for the table.

Dave’s attention was on the ceiling of the Guards compartment which had been damaged by water ingress. The remains of the old ceiling were removed, new baton affixed and were possible the previous ceiling panels reused.  Those that could not were either replaced or trimmed to be used elsewhere.20191228_184614.jpg I went on to the roof to find the source of the leaks although I had a really good idea.  As suspected the blanked off periscope holes were the culprits. I removed them but during its departmental conversion, the 110v feed was placed over one of the repair plates, this will need dismantling to ensure a good repair can be carried out.

At the moment the main coach feed is via the 110v inter carriage supply, Ross is looking at manufacturing a new 240v lead that will supply the main shore supply input.

Nick and Jake acted as the odd job men.  Holding, finding and assisting where possible. The other tasks complete were a backing piece for the previously created access hatch.  Fitment of a lighting control panel, moving the detonator storage and fitting a coat hooks.

On to Sunday and the final segment for this bumper addition. Priority being the electrics. As mentioned above the 110v distribution box was placed over the area I need to carry out a roof repair. The first job ensure the coach can be powered from the shore supply point, this has never been done whilst the vehicle has been on the GCR.  Ross completed the new cable, all the fuses were removed and the plug fitted. The power was applied and no issues. The first fuse to go in was the main supply fuse and pop, the coach tripped. This also happened when we initially tried Test Car 2 the solution was to feed the other side so we did and this time no trip. We systematically replaced the fuses and all came online correctly apart from the shore supply applied lights. A quick check of the bulbs and both were blown. A quick trip to B&Q, new bulbs and for the first time since at least 2010 the lights came on.

With the coach now powered from an alternative supply, we went on to the roof and the 110v cables were disconnected from each end isolating the roof and vehicle end conduits. This will allow us to make a full weather tight repair to the roof however the cables and conduit will be sealed and left in place and if the needs arises a new hole can be cut and the 110v reinstated.

Whilst up on the roof, the areas for repair were cleaned up and red oxided and the repair plates cut to size by Nick and visiting us from the Mid Hants Railway Wagon Group, Dillon has known Nick for many years and assisted Nick when he first started to collect wagons.

Ross tidied the now redundant cables, we also got the NRN radio to power up although with the network ceasing to operate on the 12/12/15 we couldn’t locate it.

Other tasks included fitting the sawdust bin and chock stowage to the Guards compartment fitting a blanking plate to one of the end sockets used for the new shore supply cable and a look into the electric heating system which is missing its thermostat and is the only fuse not to be reinstated.

All that is left to say is Merry Christmas, thank you for reading our updates, we are looking forward to the New Year and we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2020.

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  1. Great effort by all. It is good to read your positive frequent updatyes. Keep it Up Giys.

    Happy New Year.

    Cheers, Mike H-R



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