12/01/20 – The living van saga continues

Even though ADB977107 is our priority at Rothley, time was taken to pop into Quorn to continue investigating the contactor fault on the test car a way forward is being planned.IMG-20200111-WA0002.jpg

The main reason for the stop at Quorn was to prepare the van train for next week’s photo charters and of course the winter gala.  Trade Posters, wagon labels and chalked destinations being applied.

Back to Rothley and the Southernmost Mess room and Kitchen windows corridor side were removed to allow more body repairs.

Another task we have begun is to make the vehicle a little more user-friendly specifically for those of us who stay over on occasion.  During the vehicles’ original conversion there were no provisions for modern electrical devices, as these have become a part of everyday life and to increase versatility we have started fitting sockets around the vehicle. Included in this scheme is a shelf in the bunk room to store such modern devices.

During the week I purchased some paint colour matched to the Formica, the first coat was applied to the areas of ply applied last week.

The final task for Saturday was the removal of paint that had been applied to the glass of the guards’ compartment.

On to Sunday and we were joined by Jamie from the GC C&W department.  His focus was the window bottoms of the two removed above.  New steelwork was cut and welded.

As welding was complete the windows were refitted. As well as new lower panels under the southernmost mess room window which had its first coat of Formica orange applied.  As the paint was out second coats were applied to the bunk room and northernmost mess room window as well as chips, cracks and bare bolt heads in the Toilet, Mess room, and Kitchen

Further sockets were fitted under the messroom table and Jamie’s final task was the removal of rivets to allow access to the northern luggage area corridor window, his next area for welding.

Still a fair way to go but things are starting to piece together and the end is beginning to come into sight.

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