23/02/20 – Road trailer antics

This weekend we return to Quorn our focus being the Scammell Flatbed trailer. Before that, however, we had a trip to Loughborough on other business which gave opportunity to see the WH Smith signs previously signwritten.

Also further Goods Galore preparations with 10 more hessian sacks, these branded BOCM20200222_085024

The main task was to remove the dolly from the trailer.  It appears to have been quite some time since the two were separated.  The coupling arrangement is slightly different from the Scarabs with hooks over the guide wheels as opposed to a ratchet under the coupling.20200222_122250

Covers were removed and the cams that hold the securing hooks were found to be seized, a mixture of penetrant, hammers, and crowbars as well as cleaning out the old grease resulted in the hooks releasing there hold.

We also fitted a mudguard,  although the main wheels are not the originals fitting the guard has improved the appearance.

With the dolly removed the trailer is starting to look much better. The coupler lowered without a problem.  In the long term, the springs will need replacing.

On to Sunday and with the cams and locks on the dolly cleaned up the air piston was removed and an actuating lever fitted.  This allows manual decoupling of the dolly becoming a useful item for moving the trailers without having to always use the Scarab.

Next item on the agenda removal of the extended headstock. The box section bolted through the mainframe was first cut on the inner faces, followed by the outer then finally the top from a position of safety on the trailer. Under its own weight, it then lowered and with a little further persuasion, fell to the ground.

The bolts holding the rest of the box section was then removed and the form of the trailer admired.  The second mudguard was also fitted.

The rubber matting on the deck was then cut down and fitted under the U section of the trailer sides. Measurements have been taken for a wooden deck and a quote will be sought this coming week.

The end of the trailer was squared off and straightened up.  A suitable piece of timber cut to length, profiled and test fitted.

The pseudo carpenter happy with his work.20200223_163806

Once the fit was confirmed a layer of wood primer was applied.

Harry and Eddie continued to prep the Iron Ore Tippler for paint,  but the weather is, of course, preventing painting at this time.

The final image, one of the happy trailer owners.IMG-20200223-WA0000

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