12/07/20 – Con-pleted

The finishing line is once again insight as we enter the final few tasks to complete both BD4304B and B507489. For me, a full day of Signwriting as I mark out and apply the lettering to my container.

Nick and Jake concentrated on preparing the securing chains and fitted the identification plate over the doors of 4304.  Jack was also on-site preparing posters for the station.

Jake also sanded and applied bitumen to the subframe of 4304.

This completes BD4304B with load, tare, capacity information, number, exam dates and branding applied

On to Sunday and first job to paint the kick plates for 4304 quickly followed by the main event. With the Loading Shovel started up and under Ross’s direction we once again brought a Container and Conflat together.

For no other reason than to equal the weather effects on the Conflats and to keep the Containers in the same oriantation they have been in since arrival, we gave them a spin on the turntable.20200712_101105 Jack again continued with his poster sorting and we removed the now inaccurate wagon label.

We then set about the task of securing the container,  chains fitted and tightened down, although, as expected, we had to modify the chains by shortening a number of links as was done with 4303.  Whilst Nick and Ross carried out this task I began the signwriting.IMG-20200712-WA0001

As a break in the singwriting and to ensure she is still OK, I woke Madge up and Ross undertook a few tasks. Recrimping some of the electrical connections, correcting the upside-down fitted wing mirrors,  and doing some exploratory work with the door handles.

Once complete. We took the opportunity to test the Mirrors and it is 100% improved.  It is now possible to look through the mirrors down the side of a trailer without having to swing your head around the cab like a mad man.

With the signwriting all done, that sees B507489 complete, and with its load, it joins B505313 with two consecutively numbered experimental Containers together.

All that is left to do is look back about a year ago and view two proud owners and there fibreglass boxes.received_2507036179515307IMG_6137

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