03/01/2021 – Tank you for the New Year wishes

A new year is upon us and we continue as we always have, keeping you up-to-date with our activities. As our end of year review confirms we have completed tank 51408, or as it is now known number 1408, this update wraps up the final days of 2020 the story of its completion and the first projects of 2021.

From our feature image at the top of this update it will now be clear we have gone for the steam era vacuum fitted livery of Shell-Mex and BP ltd, as stated in our previous update although not prototypical for our China Clay slurry tank it fits in with ours and the GCRs aims. So back to Monday and my favourite activity, signwriting. Templates assembled, chalked, marked out and applied. By the end of Monday East side lettering, yellow of the commuted charge symbols, fast traffic stars and the base for the BP shields were applied.

Nick progressed and completed the underframe preparation.

On to Tuesday with Nick, Ross, Jake, Michael and I joined by Brandon. The main task being the painting of the underframe.

Whilst this was being undertaken Ross focused on a replacement mounting block for the east side wagon label clip. This was fitted and then painted.

Once the underframe was complete out came the undercoat with brake lever ends, foot valve operating handles, water filler pipe, roller bearing covers, hoses, dummies and lamp irons painted.

Once this had dried top coats were added white to all but the roller bearing covers which went yellow. The filler pipe is also waiting a suitable shade of blue and Red was applied to the Air Brake Pipe

Nick then when round with the black gloss touching up missed areas.

For me, continuation of the signwriting, west side running number and details completed. Shell shield undercoated and first colour added to it and the BP shield. Numbers were also applied to the tank ends. Ross adding a base for the OLE warning flashes beside the ladders.

Wednesday and the signwriting marathon continues. Dave and I with mahl sticks and brushes in hand. Dave focusing on the sole bar details, Load, Tare, Wheelbase, foot valve plate, registration plate and owners plate.

For me, the final signwriting for the Shell and BP shields.

I also applied the OLE warning flashes and the builders plate.

Not just Dave and I on site, Nick and Michael continuing with the preparation of 3436. Completing the wash and scraping the underframe.

Nick and Michael also painted the end of the water fill pipe and discharge valve blue, fitted the vacuum hoses and painted the brake distributor isolating handle and test point red on 1408.

That, as stated above is 1408 complete.

On to Thursday (New Years Eve). 1408 being moved out of the shed allowing 3436 to enter.

Michael and Brandon then focusing on the contiuned preparation of the tank.

This once again revealed the Barrel number and test date.

Tank number 9293, tested to a pressure of 25 PSI on the 18/07/1958 again we believe 0/2150 160 to be an order number.

Ross and I focused on 977107. Beginning it’s preparation for the long awaited repaint.

Having removed the OLE warning flashes from 3436 Jake then took some time to clean them up ready for there refitment. One had see to much of the elements and it was my last task of 2020 to touch up the red on that one.

On to New Years day and preparation being the order of the day. 3436 for Michael

977107 for Nick an I

This included removal of lettering and OLE warning flashes not forgetting those under the modern yellow warning triangles.

Saturday and not really any more to say than preparation continues. Michael on the tank.

Nick, Ross, Dave, Jake and I on the coach.

At the end of the day the tank was complete and is now ready for paint.

The coach is also ready for primer to the bare metal areas in preparation for filler to be applied.

We also took a moment to retrieve a short section of Mk1 Coach Roof originally from CK M15208 components of which were used to build RVPs Diesel Brake Tender, the intention being that this will be used to replicate the Enamel Esso plates for 3436.

I have a plan and will work my usual metal work fabrication magic to see what we end up with, but as always there is a little maths

Sunday and the final day for this update after a quick wipe down the coach received primer to all of the bare metal areas, Nick, Ross, Dave and I on site.

Once the primer had dried the first fill was carried out.

This will see a few sands and refills but of cause this will be the focus of next week.

Finally I took an opportunity to mark out two areas to be cut from the roof section, which will create the Esso plates for the tank and a look at the coach with filler applied and awaiting the next step.

Unfortunately for me and a few others its back to work tomorrow but there will be some progress in the week which we shall let you know next week. To complete this update a view of our completed vehicles at Rothley.

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