03/05/21 – Scrape, Scrape the roof.

This Wednesday was a slightly altered HRA Awards. Due to the pandemic the awards were presented online. Unfortunately none of the top spots for us but it is still an achievement to be nominated for two categories.

Our congratulations go out to all the the winners and fellow nominees.

On to Saturday and the main focus being the East side of the Yellow/Grey/Mess coach

Dave made a start at removing the paint from the windows of the west side, we shall be manufacturing boards to fit behind the glass in these locations.

Whilst we were focusing on the coach Richard continued the preparation of the Ferry Tank

With the coach completed for the day Dave and I looked at the label clips on the tank. One had suffered quite bad with corrosion. This was removed and corrosion cut out.

The surfaces were prepared and primed, refitted and sealed

The BR style wagon labels were also removed as these are not prototypical for a Ferry tank in original condition.

With the grinder already out we shortened the platform bolts and profiled the angle iron fitted last week.

Jake also applied primer to the end platform

Sunday and Michael began by removing the rotten wood from the top of the tank, whilst Dave continued the removal of the window paint.

We then moved on to the task of preparing the roof of the mess coach for paint. Scraping, scraping and more scraping.

The scraping continued into Monday, and continued all day.

At the end of the day we had completed over 2/3 of the roof. So no prizes for guessing how we’ll be starting next weekend’s activities. As always we’ll let you know.

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