08/08/21 – Box vans and Spelling Mistakes

We start this update with a request from the operations department for an additional van to operate with the Suburban coaches at next weeks Railways at Work Gala.
The only one we had available and not in traffic was recently transferred B765272. This Darlington built vehicle having been stood for some time was given an annual exam to base line what was required.

As suspected a full vacuum cylinder overhaul including release valve was required. This was dropped, disassembled, cleaned, seals replaced, reassembled and refitted. Followed by a test which was passed successfully.

A number of other odd tasks were carried out. Vacuum hose replace, missing instanter coupler fitted and a number of missing split pins fitted.

There was also an issue with a brake block not applying pressure correctly. It was discovered this block was moving too far laterally this being down to a missing retaining strap. A suitable piece of steel was located welded and trimmed keeping the block in check and applying the correct pressure to the correct place.

We noticed on the ferry tank that a spelling mistake had been made. Immediately had its e and l the wrong way round. This was painted out and the correct order reapplied.

Work also continued on the PalShock. Main focus being the dummy shock gear covers. These were manufactured and welded to the door runners. Additional plates were manufactured to provide further support and prevent vibration fatigue to the welds.

As well as the covers a number of other details were attended to. Door pins, Split pins, and removal of plate rust from under the floor as this were preventing the door from closing fully.

On to Sunday and the Palshock once again taking the focus, due to elongated holes in the door a repair plate was manufactured, holes drilled and the plate affixed along with the door bar holding catch.

Next, we looked at the floor of the van, during its time as a grounded van it was used as the 5305LA shop, as part of this use the original floor was covered. With it now back on a set of wheels and wanting the floor to breathe, we removed the plywood cover.

With the original floor back on show, it was swept and hovered and as the vehicle will be seeing use the shelving fitted was secured. Dave also repair some stools that were included with the vehicle whilst Richard tested those complete

Next was to remove the wooden fillets on the Eastside, again due to rust this was warping and allowing water into the vehicle. Rust was removed and the wood refitted after red oxide was applied to the relevant areas.

The dummy shock gear covers were also tidied sanded and red oxide as well as vacuum hoses fitted.

Final task was to clean the inside of 765272, this will be being loaded as part of the Railways at Work gala along with others in our fleet, we hope to see you next weekend as a large proportion of our fleet will be in use, as well as a number of us suitable dressed and “working”

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