05/06/22 – Jubilee bank holiday.

Its Jubilee bank holiday, so what better way than working on items built during the reign of our Queen, although for us thats excludes 22 rail vehicles from our 99 strong fleet.

Nick, Dave, Jake and I on site Thursday.

Dave out with the sign writing brushes applying lettering to B852838 and B854782

Nick and Jake focused on B850498 (0ne of the 22 that was build before the reign of Elizabeth II) and B779978. Scraping the wood work, applying primer and undercoating were possible.

For me, I began with a mega mixing session, dialling down and recording the precise ratios for our hand mixed Trolley Blue.

With the mix complete, I applied a second coat to our first completed Brute and to the base of the second as we were literally scraping the bottom of the paint tin last week.

Details were also applied. Fleet number, Brake handle, chalk board and black to the ID plate.

Shock squares were then applied to B854782

Jake glossing the doors of B780282.

Thursday wraps up with 2 matching Brutes. A completed Shockvan, a partially signwritten Shockvan and 3 vans repaint progressed.

Only Nick onsite Friday, who primed and undercoated the remaining panels of B780282, undercoated those which had been primed on B850498 and primed B779978.

On to Saturday with Nick, Ross and I on site. Nick starting with undercoat to B779978. Followed by Gloss to B780282.

I got the white out applying the shock stripes t0 B852838 and B850498

This was followed by a touch of sign-writing. Right hand details to 838 and the paint symbol to the east side of B854782.

Ross and Nick then applied gloss to the previously undercoated panels of B779978.

Then scraping and priming of 498 and B784409.

Whilst we waited for paint to dry we decided to do another BRUTE.
Wire brushed, then a touch of welding. Including a crack, that a number of the trolleys seem to have.

With the welding complete, it only made sense to prime it, bet you regret visiting us now Owen?

Oh, and time for one final task.

Sunday, same team, unfortunately rain stopped play so a tidy session. Although Jerry had the opportunity to sit with Dame Vera Lynns Escort Mk3.

Here’s hoping for better weather next week.

2 thoughts on “05/06/22 – Jubilee bank holiday.”

  1. As Nick may remember ( he was only a very young lad though ), way back in 71/2, when at College l worked for the GPO over the Christmas period at Leicester Midland, unloading and loading, Parcels and Mail bags..when the infamous BR trolleys were unavailable we used BRUTEs..a very apt name…they were rough and certainly not well maintained…l learnt the hard way..! Pre H&S days hence no steel toe cap boots…l was pulling a fully loaded BRUTE, looking forward and as usual Pulled up the brake…nothing happened..!! Apart from the bloody centre wheel splitting my toes apart and happily breaking several bones !!
    So please make sure the brakes work..!!
    As BR / GPO..did not..!
    Still nice Christmas bonus in my paypacket !!


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