20/06/21 – The Final Furlong

Yet again the end of another week and another update from us. This week starts with some Friday work from Dave. The battery box doors got a coat of gloss. The gas boxes and their lids and some underframe parts got a coat of undercoat. Dave removed the guard’s desk to paint the back of it into primer for an eventual coat of black, similar to the boards in the bedroom and mess area.

Dave wasn’t with us on Saturday, but the rest of the team were in attendance, sorting out small details on the coach pushing us ever closer to the finish line. Nick, Richard and Matt went round the coach and painted a first coat in the blue round the door jambs and shuts.

Richard applied black gloss to the areas undercoated by Dave on Friday.

I concentrated on the Shore Supply inlet and the eventual Jumper cable to enable us to feed the coach power from the Test Car’s Generator. These got a clean down and a coat of primer on Saturday.

I also removed the north end buckeye as it was deemed to be in excellent condition and replaced it with one in passable condition. The North End is rarely going to be coupled to anything and would just hang there in all weathers, so doing this has enabled to good buckeye to go into stock for the service stock.

Sunday was much of the same, Matt going round and applying grey to the door shuts, signwriting the OLE warning flashes and generally tidying up paint wise. Matt alos applied a first class totem and no smoking transfer to the bedroom window as these were missing.

I continued with the jumper plugs and shore supply inlet, applying a coat of undercoat and then orange top coat.

Nick sorted out a small issue with one of the door chains, then joined Jake and Dave with scraping the bogies.

Once scraped and hoovered, the bogies got a coat of black paint. Dave also picked out the details on the gas box door plate.

Next step is to apply a coat of varnish to the body work and finish the bogies on the east side. Hopefully both of these can be done next weekend. Join us then, and see if we manage it.

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

4 thoughts on “20/06/21 – The Final Furlong”

  1. Fantastic work. In awe of what you do. One question. Is it my imagination or did Blue and Grey stock at some point have a sort of chocolate under frame colour rather than black?


    1. Hi Raff,
      When Blue and Grey was first introduced, they used Underframe Brown for the bogies and underframe. This was in an effort to hide the grime and brake dust etc. The colour was quickly dropped and black was used instead.


  2. This vehicle is looking great, you are a doing another fantastic job. Want to see it outside in the sun


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