24/10/21 – Scrape and tidy

Well i’m back but still not 100%, I have had a middle ear infection which resulted in a number of debilitating symptoms. As I say i’m not fully over it, driving in the dark and, as I found out this weekend, standing in a rocking rail vehicle are a few things i still can not do. Thank you to those who have sent their regards and have wished me a swift recovery, but enough of me on to the update.

First a thank you to Rail Vehicle Components Ltd who have kindly offered to overhaul the slack adjusters on the Bogie Bolster. It is great to have support from the rail industry. So a thank you to those companies and individuals who have and continue to support us.

Its worth mentioning for those that do not follow the GCR carriage and wagon facebook page, their focus has been our CCT, this is going to be used as the Generator van for the Winter Wonder light services and reinstated as the fire van for the summer months. Some substantial work by the team at Rothley, with the mechanical overhaul complete and focus is now on the body work.

The site tidy continues with the morning focused on the GUV.

Some time was been spent on the Bogie Bolster. The focus being straightening the north end. A mixture of brute and careful application of force.

Although not back to as built it is much better.
The missing lamp iron was also refitted.

The afternoon was spent looking at sorting and tidying a few vans to make space for displaced items.

On to Sunday with attention on the Bogie Bolster. Sanding down the frame and body sides.

A lot of surface area to cover but by the end of the day the West side and South end, including buffers, are ready for paint, with the North end not much further behind. Just need to move the vehicle to allow access to the East side which allow paint prep and mechanical work required.

The south end Slack adjuster was also removed in preparation for its jaunt to Wigan with the one from the north end for overhaul.

So not more to be said than that concludes this update, and as always we’ll let you know what we have been up to next week.

4 thoughts on “24/10/21 – Scrape and tidy”

    1. Could you please explain what a “slack adjuster” does. Must be a complex part if it has to go to Wigan for refurbishment.
      Thanks for the update.


      1. Hi Dave,

        Earlier designs of vehicles used discrete adjustment positions to allow the wear in wheel and brake block to be taken up at maintenance exams. This works absolutely fine, but a later advance came in the slack adjuster. A slack adjuster is a controlled link in the brake rigging that can change its length to maintain the correct brake block to wheel gap. It does this automatically, thereby reducing the amount of time and labour required to adjust the brakes. Doing so on one wagon doesn’t take a lot of time, but on a fleet of millions, it soon adds up!

        These ones are relatively simple being based around a screw thread and several springs but require specialist tooling to undertake the repair, so it’s one of those things that is easier left to those who know how and have the right tools to do it safely!

        Kind regards, Ross


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