27/09/20 – Yellow no more

This week has seen progress on the Yellow Van, B786181 and Matt’s container, B55897. That said, this weekend starts on Friday afternoon with Matt being on site to finish off work on his container; sanding the roof and masking the rubber bumpers.

Nick, Matt, Eireni, Eddie and myself were on site Saturday, with the first task being moving Matt’s container away from the Test Car with the Volvo. While Matt guided Nick safely to put the container next to the GUV, I started thinning down the etch primer. Our target was to have both the van and the container in undercoat by the end of the day, which seemed like a tall order as the container first needed priming.

After a few gun issues, I got to work priming Matt’s container, starting with the roof and then the sides in the white etch primer. Once completed, I thinned down some undercoat to make a start on the yellow van, which was soon to no longer be yellow.

With the van suitably coated, Nick painted the door edges and frames with unthinned undercoat, while Eireni and I thinned down some more undercoat in order to spray Matt’s container. As with the primer, I started on the roof, this time in my socks.

There ends Saturday, with the container and van sat in undercoat, ready to receive gloss.

My first job on Sunday was to paint the van into gloss, with Jake as my assistant, straining the paint and filling up the gun. Matt started by cutting out and priming two chalkboards, destined for the yellow van. He also primed and undercoated four of the necessary brackets to fix these to the van.

The van received 2 coats of paint which was left to cure while Jake made a start on Matt’s container, not having to do the roof this time.

With the container completed, Jake sprayed a third coat of paint on the doors of the van. We opted to do a second coat on Matt’s container too, as this was showing some patchiness, though with the light of the day it was hard to see because every time you moved the patches changed.

While Jake and I were on painting duties, Eddie continued his efforts scraping and cleaning the underframe of the van, which I’m looking forward to spraying. Nick was again on door frame painting duty, and while during breaks was surveying the efforts of Jake and I, checking for misses.

The last job of the day was for Matt to paint the roof of his container in Dark Sea Grey, by brush.

And then, because he could, he picked out the letters on the number plate of his container.

At the end of Sunday, we find ourselves with two vehicles awaiting signwriting and one awaiting the underframe spraying. If the weather holds, Matt will make a start of that next weekend. If the weather doesn’t hold, who knows!

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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