Not so Rotten Sides

Keeping up the momentum from last weekend, Matt continued with undercoating on the Bogie Bolster D B928135 during the week, completing most of the inner frame structure.

The weekend saw most of the team progressing both the Bogie Bolster and Vanfit B780282.

Saturday started with some template preparation in readiness for signwriting once the frame painting of the Bolster, and the fitting of the new side panels to the Vanfit are completed.

I then joined Richard to continue with scraping, cleaning up and vacuuming the remaining inner frame at the south end of the Bogie Bolster. The flooring hasn’t been removed from the end section as it had previously been attended to and the replacement planks bolted in place.

Primer was then applied.

Our attention then turned to the Vanfit B780282 for which two replacement side panels had been cut, primed, undercoated and painted a couple of weeks ago. About half the bolts holding the two side panels came out quite easily, whilst the remainder required seeing to with a grinder and/or a hammer & chisel.

By the end of the afternoon we had extracted all the bolts ready for the side panels to be removed.

On Sunday I removed the chalkboard and door holdback catch. The chalkboard was almost as rotten as the panel it was attached to. A new board was therefore required, so an offcut of ply was cut to size, sanded and primed.

Matt & Nick then helped final removal of the rotten panels before scraping, cleaning and vacuuming out the frame edges.

A metal primer was then applied to the inner surfaces of the frame.

Once the primer had dried, the panels were offered up to the frames, unfortunately a small amount needed to be trimmed off the top each panel to give a snug fit. Sealant was then applied around the edges of the frame before carefully sliding each panel in-turn into place, starting with the panel nearest the door.

Holes for the bolts were then drilled through the ply, bolts fitted and nuts tightened ensuring an even level of tightness around the panels.

The final jobs of the day were to re-fit the door hold back catch and trim any excess sealant from around the panel edges.

Thanks for reading, tune in next week when we will hopefully have the weather to progress the paintwork on the Bogie Bolster.

All the best, Dave

Author: Dave Bower

Retired Rail Vehicle Testing Engineer and Railway Author

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