We have a collection of 6 BRUTE (British Rail Universal Trolley Equipment) trolleys. They were trolleys used from 1964 until 1999 for sorting, handling and transport of station loaded goods, parcels and Newspapers.

The BRUTE was designed by the BR Materials Handling team, initially for the Western Region on parcels services connecting 20 stations between Paddington, Bristol and Carmarthen. By the end of 1964, 2500 were in use on the Western Region, with 2000 on order for other regions. They were fabricated on a production line at Swindon Works. In August 1964 output was 100 per week, 150 per week two months later, and 200 per week in early 1965. Forty men were employed in their production, most of whom had previously built steam locomotives. All parts were made at Swindon except for the wheels and bearings. The wheels were made by Homa Engineering.

Unlike traditional station trolleys, they were loaded each with parcels for a particular destination and wheeled into the train. This saved train waiting time and cut down on handling. They were used until the Red Star Parcels service was discontinued in 1999.

We have found a suitable vehicle to act as a tug, and are awaiting its arrival on site.


QW 1281
Serial: Unknown
Region: Unknown
QW 1282
Serial: UT 4S1834
Region: Western
QW 1283
Serial: 029712
Region: Eastern
QW 1284
Serial: 030818
Region: Southern
QW 1285
Serial: UT 4S4841
Region: Eastern
QW 1286
Serial: UT 5S6047
Region: Western

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